Studying, working and living in Germany or Austria


First information session

The first meeting you will have with Shanna Immigration professionals is to identify the categorie in which you should apply, inform you of the steps in your immigration process, review your profile to see if you can pass the preliminary assessment and finally answer your questions. The list of required documents will be provided to you if you make the decision to proceed to the next step (preliminary assessment).

This stage costs 10 000 FCFA


Preliminary assessment

The preliminary assessment consists of an in-depth study of your profile, your family situation, your skills and studies based on your documents (diplomas, work certificates, etc.). This internal service was developed by our immigration consulting office. It is constantly refined according to decisions taken at the level of federal and provincial governments in Germany/Austria. You will get your result, strictly confidential, which will be explained to you during an interview, always with one of our professionals. At this stage, you can choose to continue your visa procedure on your own or benefit from our advice and expertise to guide you effectively and support you throughout this procedure.

This stage costs 15 000 FCFA


Creation of the file

If the preliminary assessment has been positive, and you decide to hire our services to assist you with your visa application, you will receive from us a commitment contract to sign, in which it will be clearly explained and defined what the liability and commitment of both parties are. Once the contract is signed by both parties, each party will receive a copy. And it is only after this stage that we can represent you to the German/Austrian authorities. Your file, already expanded by the assessment, is supplemented by the remaining required evidence. Official questionnaires (federal or provincial) are filled by our team. All you have to do is approve the work done and make corrections if necessary. A copy of the file is obviously given to you.

The file will be created with your participation, and you will be informed in real time of its progress until you obtain the requested service.


Preparation for the interview

Once the file has been completed and the request for an appointment is made at the Embassy, you will be contacted by a professional of the Shanna Immigration team who will prepare you intensively for your upcoming interview at the Embassy. During this preparation, you will learn the questions frequently asked during interviews, how to answer them, how to behave, what to say or not to say... and you will also benefit from a psychological preparation.


The interview at the embassy

You will be invited to a selection interview with government authorities. This step can be stressful and often decisive, as the immigration officer has discretion over your acceptance. Our Immigration Consulting Office is familiar with this step, which is why our professionals prepare you in advance, both in terms of content and psychologically.


Preparation for your stay

Got your visa? Congratulations! In order to help you prepare for your stay in the country, our immigration counseling office organizes information sessions to help you prepare effectively for your departure, and we give you some advice about your daily life in Germany / Austria, whether it be in the search for housing, a job, a school or any other matter that will facilitate your integration into this new life.