Trouver une fille Au pair pour l’Allemagne

Studying, working and living in Germany or Austria

Your rights and obligations as a host family

  • You provide your au pair with his/her own furnished room for the duration of his/her stay ;

  • Your temporary family member will take part in meal times with your children ;

  • An au pair performs small household tasks, such as breakfast and simple meals, looks after the children and accompanies them to kindergarten and school ;

  • In addition to looking after the children, the au pair does light housework such as ironing, tidying up, washing up, etc. It is not the au pair's job to clean your flat completely ;

  • The au pair's help is about 6 hours per day or 30 hours per week (including occasional babysitting). The au pair should have one and a half consecutive days off per week. This free day must be a Sunday at least once a month. Public holidays are basically non-working days ;

  • You take out health, accident and liability insurance for your au pair ;

  • In addition, the au pair is entitled to 4 weeks of holiday (if the employment is shorter than one year: 2 working days per full month) ;

  • An au pair is a family member and not a domestic worker. This employment is not subject to compulsory social security.

Trouver une fille au pair

Vous êtes à la recherche d’une fille Au Pair? Notre agence vous propose une multitude de candidats de choix, avec expériences avérées, et vous assiste également (au besoin) dans les formalités administratives afin que votre fille Au pair, vous rejoigne le plus rapidement possible