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The impact of covid-19 on Shanna Immigration

Studying, working and living in Germany or Austria

Towards the end of the year 2020, a family of viruses called Coronavirus appeared and started to spread around the world. Many viruses have claimed victims in China, several have spread to Europe and eventually all continents of the world have had some of their inhabitants infected and tested positive for Coronavirus. It is transmitted when an infected person coughs, or talks, or sings near another, or shakes hands with another. This transmission is done by droplets of saliva and snot. You can also be infected if you put your own hands on your mouth, eyes, face or nose. It has also been shown that this virus can be transmitted through the air. As this pandemic has spread around the world, it has had an impact on the activities of all businesses and organizations around the world. The tourism and travel sector has been greatly affected. In the following lines, we will present the impact of this pandemic on the immigration services department of our company Shanna Services.

Impact of the Covid-19 spread on Shanna Immigration's activities

Covid-19 finally arrived in Cameroon where Shanna Service is headquartered. A French national who traveled to the city of Yaoundé unfortunately carried the disease. He came into contact with Cameroonians and several people became ill. The Cameroonian government has therefore decided to take a number of measures to curb the spread of the disease in the country on March 17, 2019. Our immigration services department was severely affected. It was no longer possible to have clients in this area. Here are some of the measures that impacted the activities of this department : 

1- The closing of the borders:

One of the measures taken by the government of the Republic of Cameroon to curb the spread of Covid-19 was the closure of air and land borders. Other nations have also seen this applied, including Germany and Austria which are the destination countries for people who turn to our company for assistance in their immigration procedures.

2- Suspension of the visa service by the embassies :

The borders of the countries being closed, the embassies have suspended the visa services for an indefinite period of time.

3- Closure of training centers:

All training centers had to suspend their activities in Cameroon, including the language centers. All our candidates who did not have a sufficient level of German language to start the visa application process could not attend language courses. They had to wait until this measure was lifted.

Impact of the spread of covid-19 on turnover and personnel :

Our sales dropped significantly and the company had to put some of its employees on layoff. We also made the decision to temporarily close our offices to protect our staff. One of the company's executives who was affected by the disease recovered after undergoing treatment at the hospital. 

Impact on staff behaviors :

Our company has not excluded itself from the application of the barrier measures decreed by the WHO and the leaders of our planet. Thus, wearing masks, distancing ourselves, and having taps to wash our hands regularly are all measures that we have applied since the beginning of the pandemic.

In short, like all companies in the world, Shanna Services has not escaped the throes of Covid-19. Our immigration department was primarily affected, as was our staff. However, after the lifting of certain government measures such as the closure of air and land borders, we have resumed our activities. You can once again benefit from our complete or partial assistance in your immigration procedure.

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