Elektroniker/in für Automatisierungstechnik - Electronics technician for automation technology

Elektroniker/in für Automatisierungstechnik - Electronics technician for automation technology

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Baccalauréat technologique
Training duration: Anytime

Do you like to solve complex problems in great detail? Then you should definitely consider training as an electronics engineer for automation technology, because after that you can set up very complex, computer-controlled industrial systems every day. So you have a lot of individual parts that have to be put together so that in the end they form an overall system that works automatically. Sounds interesting? It is! For an apprenticeship as an electrical technician for automation technology, you need to have a good knowledge of mathematics and computer science in order to understand the complex relationships. Is this not a problem for you? Then read here what your future working life could look like and apply for an apprenticeship today.

What does an electronics engineer do for automation technology?

But what exactly is automation technology? It's an engineering technique that allows machines to operate on their own. To make it work, you plan the motion sequences of the systems on the PC and tinker with the circuit diagrams. You can then use the screwdriver to install components such as sensors and pumps and combine them into a system.

Not only do you assemble the systems, you also program them. With tests, you check to see if everything works as you planned. Only when everything is correct, you hand over a finished system and instruct the future user. Even if the systems are now almost working by themselves, you still have to monitor and maintain them regularly. If there is a malfunction, you will investigate the cause and repair the damage. To do this, you use test software and diagnostic systems.

Where can I find a job as an electronics technician for automation technology?

You can work anywhere where electronic systems and machines are operated - and this happens on almost every industrial site. Companies in the electrical, steel and chemical industries offer many training positions.

Your working day could hardly be more varied, as you are everywhere on the plant premises and always where you are needed. Teamwork is possible in this job, at least disruptions can occur at night, but many employers let you work mostly during the day. The usual length of training is three and a half years. If you do well, you can shorten it to three years.

What requirements must I have?

For training as an electronic automation technician, a high school diploma is practically sufficient. What else do you need? A lot of interest in electronics, of course! You love attaching lights or tinkering in physics class. You are safe with electricity and know how much care is needed for your own safety. Maybe you even have some experience with programming. If not, they will teach it to you in training. However, the basics of math should be okay.

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