Technische/r Modellbauer/in - Model maker

Technische/r Modellbauer/in - Model maker

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

What does a technical model maker do?
Whether it's a car, a boat, a house or an ironing board, models have to be made before a product can be brought to life. These models can be used as the basis for the mould and for testing and measuring. This is where the work of a technical model maker begins. They make models from a wide variety of materials and thus form a link between the designers who put their ideas on paper and the engineers and technicians who implement the production. The technical model builder training course lasts three and a half years and is offered in three different streams.

How does the technical model builder training work?
If you are interested in training to become a technical model builder, you must first choose a focus. The three focal points of foundry, view and bodywork and production will be offered. If you train with a focus on bodywork and production or foundry, you will find employment mainly in foundries, car manufacturers and aircraft construction. For example, if you are a car manufacturer, you may be involved in the development of a new car model. Parts that only exist on paper, you bring to life.

In the field of visualisation, on the other hand, you develop visualisation models. These are needed, for example, by architects who want to present their designs and ideas not only on paper, but also in the form of a three-dimensional, scaled miniature. In all areas, your work is done both on the computer and in the workshop. You work with computer programs that create two- and three-dimensional drawings, and then modify models by hand. So it becomes varied.
For example, you will learn to handle special computer programs such as CAD and to create electronic or technical drawings. In addition to skill, a good spatial imagination is also important, as this is the only way to bring drawings to life and build three-dimensional models.

Training as a technical model maker takes three and a half years. After your training, the time for learning is not over yet, as there are great opportunities to move up the career ladder through further training. For example, training as a technician in the field of foundry technology is particularly valuable, as you can then already take on intermediate management tasks. The master's examination goes even further.

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