Maschinentechniker/in - Machine technician

Maschinentechniker/in - Machine technician

Country: Germany
Type of training: Formation écolière
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

Would you like to work in one of Germany's most important industrial sectors in a middle management position? Then train to become a machine technician and become the next big star in mechanical engineering. As a machine technician, you are the link between skilled workers and engineers and are sought after in all branches of technical manufacturing and production. Companies and industry need you to organize their work steps, plan production and take care of their machines.

How does the training to become a machine technician work?

If you have already completed an apprenticeship in the technical field, you can take part in the school training to become a machine technician. Incidentally, this is a kind of colourful confetti from a wide variety of fields. Of course, the basics of the engineering sector are particularly important, such as mechanics, metallurgy or machine components. Because you also need knowledge of physics and mathematics for these subjects, they are also covered in class. You should also be familiar with business subjects after completing your training - that is why the basics of business administration are also taught. But if you're now worried that with so much theory, you might miss half your training by falling asleep through boredom, don't worry. Although the training to become a machine technician takes place exclusively in school, it is still very much focused on practice, so that as a fully trained technician, you are not only fit in theory.

And you absolutely have to be in shape, because you have a lot of responsibility. Most of the time, you have to follow a hell of a cycle of branching production processes. Then it's your job to oversee the various stages of that cycle. Exactly what stage it is depends on the industry, the company and the department you work in as a machine technician. But you are trained in all stages, whether it is construction, assembly, sales with customers, travelling or in the office.

In addition, you complete the training to become a full-time machine technician after two years. You can also do it part-time and in evening classes, which takes about four years. Although you don't always have to focus on your machine technician training, in most federal states it is still common for you to specialise. For example, you may focus primarily on electrical engineering or manufacturing engineering, depending on your strengths. Depending on your specialisation, your job description will of course change later on.

If you have successfully completed your training as a machine technician, you are free to take the exam to become a 'state certified mechanical engineer'. However, this is not a requirement. For your future job prospects and income, however, it makes sense to take the final state examination. And then you can really take off and expect a varied work.

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