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Rolladen- und Sonnenschutzmechatroniker/in - Roller shutter and sun protection mechanic

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

"There will be light" - no, it really isn't always necessary. Would you prefer it to be dark in the morning? Do you enjoy tinkering and can you get into complicated systems? Then you should take the roller shutter and sun protection mechanic training course. Here you will not only learn how to install blind and sun protection systems, but also how to make them yourself. And if the sun comes back into your room too soon, you can get your hands on it.

How is the roller shutter and sun protection mechanic training structured?

Three years of training as a roller shutter and sun protection mechanic, where you learn many exciting tasks and meet new people every day. But let's start at the beginning. Of course, in your first year of apprenticeship, you can't just go to an appointment and start. You first have to familiarise yourself with the material you're going to face in the future. For example, you might wonder what materials can be used to build sunscreens or rolling doors? And how are they processed? In the first year of your training as a roller shutter and sun protection mechanic, your instructor will show you in detail how the machines with which you will build roller shutter and sun protection systems yourself work. You will also be told which material is best used for which system.

In the second year of training, you can do well. A training course for roller shutter mechanics and sun protection teaches you how to talk to customers and inform them on the spot about the necessary work. You have to take the necessary steps and set up the required system, based on what you want, in your training company. You work with prefabricated parts and handle them with machines and equipment. Then you take the finished system back to the customer and assemble it, of course. Is that too hard? Or isn't an elderly woman putting up her shutters? You don't have a problem, because in the roller shutter training you will learn how to install motors and control systems. And if something goes wrong, you'll be back on site, functionally tested and repaired.

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