Prozessmanagement - Process Management

Prozessmanagement - Process Management

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

Do you have a great gift idea for the upcoming birthday? Unfortunately, it came to you too late and now it's time to get the gift. The worst sentence you come across is "Unfortunately it's not in stock" and that's it with the great gift. You can make sure that this phrase is used less in the future by opting for the double degree in process management. The fact that a number of products are in our supermarkets, electronics shops and clothing shops is not just a coincidence, but well thought out and organised. Transport routes, storage options and quantities are considered and implemented. These are just some of the things you will learn in your double degree in Process Management.

What is process management in dual study?

The company is based in America, production takes place in China and the product is sold in Germany. How does it work? It's all about logistics. This is exactly what your training is about. There is a theoretical phase at a university that lasts three months and then alternates with an equally long practical block. That's basically how you can imagine a semester where you learn everything about logistics concepts and their analysis on paper. How is a product delivered from A to B, what are the options? Is freight forwarding recommended or is shipping an option? Which transport company has the best offer? These are just some of the questions you will think about during your double degree in process management. But you don't become a human route planner overnight, you have to endure a few hours at your desk.

What do you learn in the double degree in process management?

The better you plan the route of your goods, the fewer problems can occur with the parcel on the way. Nevertheless, there are of course stumbling blocks that can hinder you and your parcels. In order to prepare yourself for this, the practical phases of managing your work-study course are there. There you learn about the business and realise that keeping your garage tidy is a joke against the vast expanse of a warehouse. However, what is much more important is that you finally get to test the knowledge you have learned in the real world. You are allowed to participate in projects and not only marvel at the logistics concepts in the book, but also judge them in reality. In addition, you will develop your business skills and become a master of numbers. You shouldn't be allergic to monitors and keyboards either, as you'll spend a lot of your working time at the computer.

What qualification do I have after completing my double degree in Process Management?

With your double degree in Process Management you practically have the 2-in-1 package. On the one hand, after the three years you have completed an apprenticeship as a shipping and logistics clerk, which you validate with an examination. You can also show a Bachelor of Arts in Logistics and Process Management at the same time. With the double degree in process management you are on the way to success if you are not only interested in the world tour of products, but have always wanted to make friends with business administration. You can execute orders for goods and transport in no time, you can reassure every customer in case of delays and you have also made friends with accounting. With your double degree in process management, you are well on your way to a career in logistics.

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