Programmierer - Programmer

Programmierer - Programmer

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Baccalauréat scientifique
Training duration: Anytime

A programmer is a computer scientist who creates computer programs. The programs are developed using a programming language. A programmer writes the algorithms needed for programming so that they fit into the appropriate programming language.

What does a programmer do?

As a programmer, you are responsible for implementing new software designs. To do this, you 'write' the software design in the form of a programming language into the source code. You therefore create various electronic data processing systems. An auxiliary tool for this is a compiler application program. When you have finished designing the software, you carry out several tests and correct any misuse that may have occurred. Then it will be part of your job to write working instructions for the software. As a programmer, you may program for information technology, but also for multimedia applications or for scientific and commercial applications. It is important that you pay attention to usability and recyclability. In addition, what you program should be relatively easy to maintain for other users.

How do you become a programmer?

Do you want to become a programmer? Then you have the choice between two possible paths to your dream job! You can either train in a company as a computer scientist for application development, or you can study.

In-company training

If you opt for in-company training, you usually need a high school diploma. But if you already have a lot of prior knowledge and are already well versed in programming, then it is definitely worth applying with a high school diploma or sometimes even without a school diploma. The training takes three years and you alternate between vocational school and a training company.

What does a programmer earn?

If you want to start an apprenticeship as a programmer, you will earn between €830 and €950 in the first year of training, in the second year your training salary will vary from €910 to €1,010, and in the last year you will earn €970 to €1,080 per month.

Later in your job you will earn an average salary of 4,034 euros per month if you have a bachelor's degree. If you can even prove a master's degree, you will get even more.

Where can I find a job as a programmer?

If you want to find a job after finishing your apprenticeship as a programmer, you should definitely use our job exchange! This way you can find a job as a programmer in the industry of your dreams in a very targeted way. But even if you are still studying to become a university programmer, you will find suitable student jobs or a mini-jobber job in the job exchange.

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