Technische / r Systemplaner / in - Technical system planner

Technische / r Systemplaner / in - Technical system planner

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

What does a Technical System Planner do?

Use of CAD software : Drawings and plans of components, plans, surface models and technical elements are made with special 2D and 3D software. Installers work on the basis of these plans.

Performing calculations : The system engineers calculate the exact size of a component, e.g. the corner of a ventilation duct, and the correct scale in their drawings.

Differentiate materials : Depending on the area of use, a certain material should be chosen. For example, the balcony of a residential building needs a different type of steel than an electrical pole.

Determining the assembly technique : The system technician not only designs the manufacturing plan, but also considers how the plan is then implemented on site. For example, the location of doors and windows in a building or the need to leave a hole for electronic lines in a component must be taken into consideration.

Create bills of material : A bill of material indicates the number of copies of each component to be purchased.

Assessing implementation: The conformity of the design with the construction plan or changes to the project are examined on site, on the building sites and in the buildings, i.e. where the project has been assembled.

What are the specialisations for system engineers?

System engineers are trained in three disciplines:

  • Procurement and equipment technology 
  • Steel construction technology 
  • Electrical engineering systems 

There is a specific training course for each speciality. It is therefore decided beforehand, not during training, which area you will specialise in.

How do the specialisations for system technicians differ?

Supply and equipment technology (VAT): In this discipline, documents for the manufacture and assembly of supply and equipment technology systems are created.

Where can I work as a technical system?

As a system engineer you mainly work in engineering and planning offices at the PC. What it is, is exactly what it is, it is your discipline. In the field of procurement and equipment, the design and planning offices are those of the construction and installation companies as well as the engineering offices. In the field of steel and metal construction, you are mainly seated in the design and planning offices of steel, facade and metal structures, and in the field of electrical systems, you are the office of the other two fields. In addition, on construction sites and in buildings, you supervise the construction, i.e. the implementation of your plans by the fitters.

What work clothes do systematic engineers wear?

In engineering, design and planning offices, you usually wear ordinary everyday clothes. But for a meeting with a client, he or she is dressed smartly, i.e. shirt or blouse combined with cloth trousers, ordinary jeans or a skirt. On construction sites, safety clothing, such as a helmet, must also be worn.

What type of person do I need to be to become a technician?

Technicians : Depending on the technical design, systems engineers design energy installations, steel and metal construction and building automation installations - so you should bring an interest and understanding of technical backgrounds.

Scientist : To calculate surfaces and scales and evaluate material properties, you need mathematical and physical understanding as a systems engineer.

Analyst : In this profession, you need spatial imagination and you need to be very precise in your drawings and calculations.

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