Gerüstbauer/in - Scaffolder

Gerüstbauer/in - Scaffolder

Country: Germany
Type of training: Work-linked training
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

The saying "Practice makes perfect" applies to you too, because you have been climbing trees since you were a child. And even today, you're always at the start when it comes to reaching dizzying heights. If you also want to climb high professionally and like to work in the open air, then the scaffolding training could be for you. Because here, you climb from step to step every day and you are not afraid to work at these heights.

How does the scaffolder training work?

The scaffolder training course lasts three years. If you are successful, you can reduce this to two and a half years. You should therefore go straight to vocational school and put your knowledge to the test on the construction site. In the first year of your apprenticeship, you will first learn all the necessary safety measures, because scaffolding training is not for the faint-hearted. Every day you have to rely on your colleagues to do their job properly and on everyone to do it carefully - and that goes for you too, of course! A loose screw can have serious consequences.

Once you have internalized all the safety precautions, you will learn which parts of the scaffold are connected to each other. In scaffolding training, a lot is learned on the job. For this reason, you will be thrown into the deep end fairly quickly after a relatively short familiarisation phase. As a scaffolder, you transport the scaffolding parts to the construction site and only then can you start working. Before assembly, you must also check the ground and level it if necessary. In addition, scaffolders first draw up a plan and construction sketches before building. So there is a lot to prepare. As soon as you have learned during your scaffolding training to assemble the different parts of a scaffold, you can start working at height. Part by part, you will be carefully assembled. You must also anchor the scaffold to the building. Otherwise there is a risk that it will fall over.

But that's not all you learn during your scaffold erector training. In the construction of so-called special scaffolding, you also erect supports, such as a substructure for bridge construction or mobile working platforms. And once the necessary work has been completed, you will of course have to dismantle the scaffold again and maintain the scaffold parts.

In order not to fall off the scaffolding on your first day, you should definitely be fit enough to train as a scaffolder. Skills and a talent for craftsmanship are also required. Scaffolders also need to be great team players, as you are constantly depending on your colleagues and they on you.

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