Bilanzbuchhalter/in - Balance sheet accountant

Bilanzbuchhalter/in - Balance sheet accountant

Country: Germany
Type of training: Formation écolière
High School Leaving Certificate: Technical Baccalaureate
Training duration: Anytime

Excel and pocket calculator are your tools - you are absolutely focused. As a balance sheet accountant, you can hardly afford a mistake, because here you are the master (or mistress) of invoices. You are responsible for the accounts, you plan organizational processes and you are the number one contact person in accounting.

Where can I work as an accountant?

Tax consultants and auditors are among the employers of balance sheet accountants. And while accountants once worked primarily in large companies, they are increasingly being consulted by small and medium-sized companies in all sectors. The need is growing, your future prospects are excellent.

Who can train as a balance sheet accountant?

In order to become a balance sheet accountant, you must first complete a three-year training in the commercial field, for example as a tax specialist. If you have worked for another three years after that, you can take part in the balance sheet accountant training. If you do not have three years of training, but have six years of professional experience in the field, you also have a good chance of being accepted for continuing training.

Similarly, after completing studies focused on business economics or economics, you will be admitted to training as a state-certified accountant, in combination with two years of work experience.

How long does the balance sheet accountant training take?

Continuing education is offered in three forms:

・ Distance Learning

・ Part-time training

・ Full-time training

Although there are no legal guidelines, the average preparation time is between three and 24 months. You must dedicate a significant amount of time to your distance education or part-time training, especially if you continue to work full-time. Self-study is also possible, as only the exam is mandatory.

When can I take the exam?

Regardless of the course you take, you can only take the exam twice a year: Throughout Germany, the ICC exams are held simultaneously in spring and fall.

What does an accountant do?

Create financial statements : One of the main tasks of balance sheet accountants is to create financial statements. This is done either according to German commercial law or according to international standards.

Tax returns : You create sales, payroll, income and corporate tax returns.

Teamwork : Whether it is the management, the accountants or your fellow accountants, you always keep in close contact.

Organizer : Whether it's directing employees or planning processes, you'll also take on organizational tasks as an accountant.

What are the working hours as an accountant?

Balance sheet accountants generally have a 40-hour work week with hours between eight and seventeen. The end of the year is when the load increases, so you should be prepared to work overtime.

What kind of person do I need to be to become an accountant?

You're accurate : Putting a comma in the wrong place can quickly mean in balance sheet accounting that several thousand euros are undercharged. Absolute accuracy is therefore a prerequisite for being a balance sheet accountant.

You enjoy working with software : SAP, DATEV, Excel - as an accountant you encounter many systems and programs.

You can communicate well : Whether it's with the accountants, your fellow accountants or the management, you are in contact with everyone and have to exchange a lot.

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