Training in the field of aviation and air transport - aerospace training

Training in the field of aviation and air transport - aerospace training

Country: Germany
Type of training: Formation écolière
High School Leaving Certificate: Baccalauréat scientifique
Training duration: Anytime

As an aerospace salesman you have a wide range of activities. You not only organize the number of passengers, but also the cargo, you take care of the customers and you can at the same time work in marketing for the airlines.

If you are technically inclined, you should consider training as an aircraft electronics technician or mechanic. There, you maintain and repair technical instruments in the cockpit and, as a precaution, inspect landing flaps and other moving components for function, as safety is a top priority. As soon as you have given the go-ahead, you hand over to the pilots and air traffic controllers in the tower. Both professions are varied, very demanding, but also pay above average. This is due to the special working conditions, the working hours and the high level of responsibility that comes with the job.

If you want it to be a bit more theoretical, then you can not only complete your aerospace training in the classical way, but also with a theoretical part in a university. An interesting option is, for example, the double degree in aerospace engineering.

Of course, you can also devote yourself to working with travelers, for example as a flight attendant. You are responsible for the safety on board and, as usual, for the physical well-being of the passengers and are at your side with advice and action, ideally in as many languages as possible.

The jobs, apart from the aerospace training, are mostly very demanding and require a high level of theoretical knowledge, since the preliminary tests are usually only possible virtually. As an electrical engineer, however, you can progress step by step. Alternatively, as an applied computer scientist, you have career opportunities, as highly technical and digital devices must be properly programmed.

An apprenticeship in aerospace generally requires a high level of technical understanding, but in all respects a high level of focus and precise work. Whether in the air or in a weightless room - the technology must be intact, the values must be right and you must be rested and focused yourself. This applies to the pilot as well as to the technician or computer scientist on the ground.

You can train at the major aerospace centers, but also at any German or foreign airline and flight control.

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